Ahmed is the main antagonist of the fifth Goosebumps book, The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb.


When Gabe arrives in Egypt for his Christmas vacation, he opts to stay with his Uncle Ben and cousin, Sari Hassad, rather than his parents. Gabe's uncle is an archaeologist and expert on all things Ancient Egypt. His work has brought him to the pyramids of Cairo, where he hopes to be on the verge of a great discovery. One of the people working with Ben on his investigation is Ahmed, a quiet Egyptian man from Ben's university. Ahmed warns Ben he could be in great danger exploring the pyramids, as they hold many curses. Ben, however, is not superstitious and blows off the idea.

Ahmed quickly turns from simply unfriendly to dangerous as Ben uncovers a hidden tomb in the pyramids. He traumatizes two of Ben's employees, making them feel like they have been boiled alive. He attempts to kidnap Gabe and Sari, but the two are able to escape. Ahmed continues his chase after the two children, eventually leading them all back to the pyramid. There, he reveals the tomb Ben discovered as the preparation chamber of the priestess, Khala, whom he is descended from. Ahmed tells the children that they and Ben must die for violating her chamber. Ahmed attempts to lead the children to a boiling pit of tar, so he can mummify them. Before he can get away with his plan, Gabe pulls out his summoner — a mummy's hand — to wake up Ahmed's many other mummified victims. The terrified Ahmed runs away from the pyramid, allowing the children to escape with their lives.

General information


Ahmed is highly superstitious. He attempts to ward off Ben Hassad with his tales of Ancient Egyptian curses. He doesn't speak much and is very stern when he does. Ahmed is also deeply evil, as he killed many people who ventured into Khala's chamber, for no real reason.

Physical appearance

Ahmed is described as a stern looking Egyptian man, with dark hair that he ties into a ponytail.

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