Abigail is a character in Slappy Birthday to You. She's an old Patsy Ann doll, given to Ian Barker's sister, Molly, by their father.


On Ian's birthday, after he received Slappy, Abigail was given as a present to Molly. Later, Molly planned to do a fashion show with Abigail. However, Slappy threw the doll into a goldfish tank. Later, Molly carries Abigail into the basement, where the family fight Slappy. However, Abigail comes alive and says the words to put Slappy back to sleep. Everyone was relieved - until Abigail ordered them to clean up, then bring her lunch, dubbing them slaves.

General information

Physical appearance

Abigail was a tall, old-fashioned looking doll with red hair and a pretty pink face. She wore a long blue ball gown under a flowing red cape. 


Like many living dolls in the series, she is resentful and annoyed at Slappy. She ends up destroying him, because she was tired of "that dummy getting all the attention". She is shown to be cruel when she then orders the Barkers to do chores and calls them slaves.


  • She is similar to Mary-Ellen, as she was also a doll belonged to the younger sibling of the protagonist who came to life and turned out to be evil.
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