Abby Martin was the main protagonist of the sixth Goosebumps HorrorLand book, Who's Your Mummy?. She is the older sister of Peter Martin.


Who's Your Mummy?

Abby and her younger brother, Peter, lost their parents at an early age. Since then, they have lived with their Granny Vee. Granny Vee becomes sick and sends the kids to live with their Uncle Jonathan.

Upon arriving in Vermont, the siblings are picked up by a man who they think is their uncle. The man is actually Tuttan-Rha, an ancient Egyptian who stays alive by eating mummy organs. Abby and her brother manage to defeat the ancient Egyptian, and they go back to live with their Granny Vee.

Once the kids return to Granny Vee, Granny Vee confesses that her health was failing. Abby unwraps a parcel. The parcel contains a piece of a mummy's organs. Abby tells her grandmother to ignore the smell and eat a nice chunk and will do her a world of good. Since Tuttan-Rha used the organs to stay alive, Abby assumes that Granny Vee can do the same. Abby assures Granny Vee that she will be around for a long time.

General information


Abby is ambitious and always likes to have some fun, but she can be quite serious and can be pretty frightened at times, mainly of bats. She often worried about Granny Vee as she was the only family she and Peter had and they had been living with her ever since they were little. Abby thinks that her hair is her best feature and doesn't like it when it gets wet or messed up. She likes to play games with Peter, especially their water battle games, and she always finds a way to defeat him at them, to which Granny Vee playfully accuses her of cheating. Since their run-in with Tuttan-Rha, the water battles have stopped, with Peter being afraid of everything now. Abby does have her ups and downs with Peter, but they do get along and agree on things. Abby is also a smart, sensitive and kind girl and really likes to have someone to talk to.

Physical appearance

Abby is twelve years old, tall and thin with straight long jet-black hair and green eyes.