Aaron Freidus

Not to be confused with Aaron Freidus from Jekyll and Heidi.

Aaron Freidus is the main protagonist of the seventeenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, The Werewolf in the Living Room.


Aaron's Dad is a Werewolf Hunter, which makes him the subject of mockery. He was taken to Bratvia to look for a real werewolf. He bumped into one that bites him and Aaron's Dad swore to hunt it down. He found a man named Ben that he thought was the werewolf, but Aaron has doubts, especially after Ben saved him from drowning when he falls off the ship taking them back home.

Aaron eventually found out that the wolf's bite gave him the werewolf curse, and he started rampaging at night. He lets Ben go but discovers that he is a werewolf as well. His dad wanted to get Aaron some help after being so callous to him and take down Ben.

Because Ben was nice to him, Aaron wants to save him. Eventually, Dad had two werewolves in his house and wants them to send them to top scientists. Aaron didn't want this, so he bit his dad, making them a fearsome werewolf trio.

General information


Aaron is a very serious person, he only believes in fact, until he learns that werewolves existed, and when he became one, he gained a fear of being alone, and not being able to do anything ever again.

Physical appearance

Aaron has red hair, green eyes, and is tall and very skinny.


  • There is another Goosebumps Series 2000 character named Aaron Freidus in the book Jekyll and Heidi, but the characters are in no way related.
    • The boy named Aaron in Jekyll and Heidi has a mother, while the Aaron in The Werewolf in the Living Room does not.
    • The Aaron in Jekyll and Heidi also has dark brown hair, while the Aaron in The Werewolf in the Living Room has red hair.
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