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"A Vampire in the Neighborhood" is the tenth and final short story in the book Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


The new girl in school, Helga Nuegenstorm, is strange. She is pale and wears very antiquated clothes. During lunch, Maddy Simon and her friends, Carrie, Yvonne, and Joey, are discussing Helga. Maddy offers to let Helga sit with them, but Helga declines. She says she doesn't eat lunch. The four friends all decide that she must be a vampire.

The friends choose to investigate Helga, so they spy on her house over the course of several days. Whenever they try to talk to her at school, she dismisses them. When Maddy grabs Helga's hand, she feels that it is incredibly cold. The group goes to her house one night, and they try to see if she sleeps in a coffin. When Maddy looks through a window, Helga is staring back at her.

Helga storms outside. She tells the group to stop following her. Maddy asks if Helga is a vampire. Helga says yes but asks to see the other kids' fangs first. The other kids let their fangs sink down. Shocked, Helga explains that she was joking. The group of four close in around her, preparing to make her a vampire.