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The following is a list of characters from A Nightmare on Clown Street in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Ray Gordon

Alias: Mr. Belly Bounce

Ray is twelve years old. He loves the circus and his uncle, Theo, performs in Koko's Klown Academy, later imploring Ray to join him in his circus.
Heather James

Heather is one of Ray's friends, and travels to a circus who visits their town with Ray.
Ray's father

Ray's father is an artist, and allows Ray to visit his uncle's circus.
Ray's mother

Ray's mother allows Ray to visit his uncle's circus.
Murder the Clown

A performer of a circus, and Ray's uncle, Theo goes by the name, "Murder the Clown", but is sent to Clown Street before Ray arrives at his circus.

An enormous, bald man who ironically goes by the nickname, Tiny works at a local circus.

A dwarf-like man who ironically goes by the nickname, Biggie works at a local circus.
David Ford

Alias: Monkey Face

A friend of Theo, David was forced to masquerade as Murder the Clown so Ray could not find out what happened to the real Theo. David earned his clown moniker because is able to make one hundred funny faces.
Mr. Funny

A clown who wears stilts, Mr. Funny works at Koko's Klown Academy, and becomes one of the first clowns to welcome Ray.
Blond-wigged Clown

A clown who is sent to Clown Street for unknown reasons. Ray witnesses the clown vanish from the circus.
Tommy Teardrops

A clown who performs as part of Koko's Klown Academy, and whose act is to fool visitors into thinking he is sad and miserable.
Billy Laffs

A "fat" clown whose act is to pretend to be funny.
Mrs. Giggle-Wiggle

A female clown who wears enormous, red shoes, and has two pillows as part of her costume.
Mr. HahaFace

A stern clown who frightens the others, and owns the circus. He wears the top hat of a ringmaster.

Ray's roommate, Bingo-Bongo is later sent to Clown Street because of an unfortunate accident which angered Mr. HahaFace.
Deanna Banana

Deanna is a female clown about the age of Ray, who is Mr. HaHaFace's daughter. She has blond hair and wears a blue vest. She She later reluctantly travels with Ray to Clown Street.
The Flying Fool Brothers

Four men who work at Koko's Klown Academy and perform a trapeze-related act.
Deanna Banana's assistant

A man who portrays a terribly frightened person who quakes in fear of being hit by each knife Deanna flings at him. Deanna is careful to ensure the knives do not touch the man, but only appear near him. At the end of the act, the man shows the audience his back, revealing another knife.
Uncle Noah

A short, pudgy man who wears a chef's hat and apron, Noah sells hot dogs at the circus.
Dr. Phooey

A clown who becomes Ray's next roommate after Bingo-Bongo is sent to Clown Street. He is described as having stubble, and wearing a white costume with red stripes. He also seemed to have a high-pitched voice.
The Frightener

A man who was scarred by a clown when he was young, the Frightener has since taken revenge on all clowns by having the clowns battle for their lives against deadly creatures. He still remains too afraid to encounter any clowns in person.
White-faced clown

One clown is chosen to be dragged to the "Bear Cage". This cage houses a savage bear. The clown begs for his life, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

A nephew of the Frightener, Freddy is sent circus clowns to entertain his friends at Freddy's birthday celebration. The clowns attempt to make Freddy and his playmates scream in terror in an effort to have the Frightener enter the same room to investigate the source of the noise. Freddy and the others do not become afraid, however the Frightener hears the unpleasant sounds of the clowns and enters the room anyway, allowing the clowns to shock him.