The following is a list of characters from A Night in Terror Tower and its television adaptation in the order they appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.

Character Medium Description
Sue Morgan aka Princess Susannah

Book and TV episode The protagonist and narrator. She and her brother are visiting Terror Tower in London and discovers she is actually a princess that was brought to the present.
Eddie Morgan aka Prince Edward

Book and TV episode Sue's ten year old brother. He is a big wimp but still demands to see Terror Tower. He is a skilled pickpocket and calls himself "The Mad Pickpocket". He finds that he is a prince that was brought to the present.
Mr. Starkes

Book and TV episode The tour guide at Terror Tower. He cracks jokes and is very cheerful.
The Lord High Executioner

Book and TV episode The Terror Tower Executioner who caught wind of Morgred's plan and wants to bring Sue and Eddie back so they can be killed.
Night Guard

Book and TV episode A man who sees Sue and Eddie leaving the sewer after the group has left. In the episode, he is ruder to the kids
Taxi Driver

Book and TV episode A man who is annoyed when the kids seemingly give him play money. He goes in the restaurant to find the kids when they don't return with money.

Book and TV episode A man at the main desk at the Barclay who tells the kids the rooms they think they have are vacant.

Book and TV episode A large red-haired woman who claims she will hide Sue from the executioner, but she ends up giving Sue away.

Book and TV episode The castle's wizard who had sent Susannah and Edward back in time. He ends up going back to the present with them, as their caretaker named Mr. Morgan
The King

Book and TV episode Sue and Eddie's Uncle who had taken over, killed their parents and ordered the prince and princess to be killed. He is only mentioned
Tour Leader

Book A woman who serves as a different tour guide who is leading a group when Sue and Eddie arrive back in the present.
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